Chocolate Chip Cookies

For the past few YEARS, I have been on the hunt for good chocolate chip cookies. Whenever I think of a chocolate chip cookie, I have this idealistic memory of the best cookie in the world: crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, chocolatey, and oh so tasty. But every time I bite into a chocolate chip cookie, I am SORELY disappointed. It’s flat. It’s too soft… or maybe it’s too hard. Okay, so I taste the chocolate… but so what, it’s embedded in a base of sugar and butter that just tastes like SWEET and nothing else. Kind of like Coldstone ice cream (never buy me that). Anyway, I’ve tried multiple chocolate chip cookie recipes, and have never been quite satisfied. I was beginning to think that perhaps this perfect cookie doesn’t exist. But I was wrong; it exists, and I stumbled upon it. YES! I know I say this whenever I come across something that I really, really like, but seriously, I THINK I’M IN LOVE. I have finally found a recipe that measures up. In fact, it exceeds my expectations. And I didn’t even modify the recipe, so just follow the link and make these cookies and eat one and then know what the best day of your life feels like: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies


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