Fried Tomatoes

Slice tomatoes, then sprinkle salt on them to draw out the water. Beat some eggs with a dash of milk. Mix flour (1/4 ratio), cornmeal (3/4 ratio), and add desired spices. Fill a pan with vegetable oil; it should be enough to cover halfway up the thickness of your tomato slices. Heat the oil on medium.

Dip the tomatoes in plain flour so the egg will stick on better, then dip them in your beaten eggs. Next, dip them in the flour/cornmeal/spices, and then put them in the oil. Cook about 3 min each side, then pull them out and put them on paper-towels to soak up the extra oil.

Try not to burn your mouth.

(This recipe is courtesy of Daddy, and it was pretty delicious. I haven’t tried any other fried tomato recipes, though. Some call for breadcrumbs as well as the flour and cornmeal. I figure I’ll be experimenting with this every time I make them.)


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